History of the Lake

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Lake Bracciano, originally also called Lake Sabatino (Latin: Sabatinus Lacus) is a lake of volcanic origin located in the north of the province of Rome.
Its area of 57.5 km ² makes it the eighth largest Italian lake (the third central Italy after Lake Trasimeno and Bolsena). Its maximum depth of 164 meters, in turn, makes it the sixth largest Italian lake depth (the first in Central Italy). The lake has no islands and has a small outlet in the River Arrochar, which originates on the southeast coast and flows into the Tyrrhenian Sea in the resort Maccarese.
A few kilometers east of the lake is the smallest lake Martignano, also of volcanic origin. On the shores of the lake there are the three cities of Bracciano, on the western side, Anguillara, on the south-eastern, and Trevor Romano, on the northern one. A stretch of the eastern shore of the lake is finally administratively part of the City of Rome.

In front of the lake

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