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1. Campers, on their arrival must deliver for the recording their documents and declare the number of attendances.

2. Children and adolescents must be diligently monitored by their parents or guardian. Any accident they can take or may cause, will be the sole responsibility of the parents themselves.

3. The gate paving of the campsite, will remain open from 7.30 to 14.00 and from 16.00 to 22.30 . During the closing hours of the campers will enjoy the pedestrian gate that will be left open.

4. Each camper is required to keep the things of his property, the Direction will not be liable for loss or removal.

5. Anyone who find yourself in camping any object, and obliged to deliver it to the direction, which will return it to the owner.

6. The cards and the waste must be deposited in the containers provided made available out of the gate of the campsite.

7. Campers will leave the toilet clean.

8. The water must be used with moderation.

9. To wash the dishes, tableware or linen must be used the special sinks, and not in hours from 14.00 to 16.00 .

10. The water inlets installed along the avenues of the campsite will only be used for drinking or for drawing water for refilling caravan excluding any other use.

11. Campers will have to do exclusively use of gas cylinders of type camping gaz or the like, being extremely dangerous to use bottles of household type.

12. The radio, or television will be tolerated only if installed in the space reserved for each crew, in order not to give trouble.

13. The lords travellers, guests of campers are allowed into the campground after delivery of the documents in the direction and paid the admission ticket at the entrance. They are required to park your car outside the camping, and abide by this regulation. It is allowed their presence from 8.00 a.m. to 22.30 ; will not be able to access guests who arrive between 14.00 and 16.00 hours.

14. The electrical connections must be approved by the Directorate, the camper must be fitted with electric cable without splice and wicked rules EMPI/CEI. The electricity will be delivered to the campers only when it is present in the campground.

15. In the camping area will be admitted boats, inflatable boats, surf and canoes that will be tolerated so long as they parked at the lay of the owner of the property itself and declining the Direction from any responsibility, is also prohibited any repair or painting to boats, boat, car or motorcycle.

a. damaging the trees and the equipment of the campsite;
b. washing car or caravan;
c. light fires (and only permitted the use of small stove charcoal.;
d. the mounting of tents or additional equipment, in addition to the normal tent, or tent veranda equipped to the caravan, and except for a kitchenette that still must be authorized by the Management;
e. Cause noises which disturb the peace and quiet of the campsite.
f. During the hours of rest (from 14.00 to 16.00 and from 23.00 to 7.30)  wash dishes, tableware, make use of radio-TV, allow any game for children, install and remove tents, verandas or equipment and performing movements of car or motorcycle, and caravan is circular in camping with bicycles.

17. During the absence of the camper, or during the winter period, the Direction will not be liable for damage to caravan, or theft, or damage a tends to verandas or kitchenettes bantering mounted.

18. The Direction is liable for the civil damages to third parties to people or things within the limits of the insurance policy; are excluded any liability for damage caused by force majeure such as floods, storms, and any other damage that the fury of the elements would provoke both on land and air, riots, riots and vandalism.

19. Is the management's option remove or prohibit the entry into the campground for campers not in arrears with their payments, or do not respect the rules and proceed with the removal of the tent or caravan making clear the pitch.

20. All communications, comments or complaints should be directed to the direction that will take the necessary steps, any complaint does not suspend the payments. Communications, warnings, and any changes to this regulation will be brought to the knowledge by posting them in the Directorate.

21. They are not tolerated in any case acts of violence toward people or things within the campsite; In case somebody disturbances will be removed without further notice. The management reserves the right to suspend your subscription at any time of the year behind refund of the remaining amount of the subscription.

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